Evidenced-Based Concussion Care

At Sault Concussion Clinic you are getting treatment and rehab based on the latest scientific research available.  Concussion awareness is spreading everyday and there is a growing body of research available to aid us in your care.  Our practitioners are committed to staying up to date, week to week, on the latest and best.  Every Tuesday we go over the latest research that has come out the week before to ensure that we are giving you the cutting edge of concussion care.  

Our treatments are also covered by most extended health care plans.  

Our Team

Meet the Complete Concussion Management Inc. Certified Concussion Practitioners

Dr. Paul Merlino, DC

CCMI Certified Concussion Practitioner

     Dr. Merlino has been diagnosing and treating concussions since the inception of this concussion clinic.  As a CCMI Cert. Concussion Practitioner, Dr. Merlino is fully qualified to diagnose your concussion, provide any rehabilitation necessary, clear you to return to sport/school/work, as well as provide any relevant advice necessary to aid you in your recovery.  In addition, as a Doctor of Chiropractic, he is also able to treat any musculoskeletal injuries that may accompany your concussion injury including whiplash disorders.  

     Dr. Merlino is passionate about concussion management and awareness and you may catch him going on about the importance of early detection and proper management to ensure you have no lasting effects of your head injury.  Words to remember: "When in doubt, sit them out!"

Dr. Joseph Albert, DC

CCMI Certified Concussion Practitioner

     Dr. Albert has developed significant knowledge and experience in health care as a practicing Chiropractor in the Sault for the past 19 years.  His special interest in sports injuries has afforded him the opportunity to work with some unique groups including Triathletes, NCAA athletes, professional hockey players, mixed martial artists and elite track stars (including Usain Bolt) at the Junior Pan-American games in the Barbados! As an experienced Certified Complete Concussion Management Practitioner, Dr. Albert can successfully diagnose and treat both concussion and whiplash disorders, as well as manage your recovery through proper return to sport, school or work protocols.

     Dr. Albert is passionate about health and wellness and especially so when it comes to the health of a person's brain.   Ask and learn!  Dr. Albert is always willing to discuss your comments, questions and concerns.

Nicola Gray, CAT(C) ATC

CCMI Certified Concussion Practitioner

     Nicola grew up in Sault Ste. Marie and was always involved in sports at the competitive levels the city had to offer.  While playing both Civics' Soccer internationally and Rep Hockey throughout North America, she saw firsthand the impact injuries had on teams and individuals, both short and long term. Turning her passion for athletics and helping others into a career was a natural progression.  While completing her BSc in Athletic Training at LSSU, she worked with different sport teams around the "Twin Saults".  She has spent the past 10+ years working with athletes in various sports and skill levels, in both clinic and on-field settings

     As a Certified Athletic Therapist, Nicola's focus has shifted more specifically to concussion treatment and management.  After realizing there was a gap in the local area offering appropriate resources for concussion management and education, Nicola became the first Certified CCMI Concussion Practitioner in Sault Ste. Marie and was at the forefront of bringing a one-stop location for concussion resources to the city.  The results of her efforts, along with Dr. Merlino and Dr. Albert, is the Sault Concussion Clinic - an evidence-based concussion management clinic that believes in multi-disciplinary approaches to provide you with the best resources available.  Nicola is excited to provide these services to Sault Ste. Marie!